Please take time and read: this text will help you to understand mentality of our visitors and also help you to increase the number of reservations.

Advices for increasing the number of reservations from

1. Check how looks like your photo gallery on our website. One picture is worth a 1000 words.
 Your photos should sell your property. If you have blurry or small size pictures, make sure to change them and send us new ones.

2. Be quick to respond to enquiries from potential guests. Do not wait 2-3 days or more.

3. Do not send long e-mails with pictures attached, be clear and concise and mention the most important facts in response.

4. If you do not have available accommodation in the period that guest wish, make sure to offer him the next available period.

5. Tourists from Serbia (as well as from other countries who use our site) sometimes be worried and suspicious by sending a deposit, because there are always those who do it the first time and they are afraid of fraud.

Sometimes they contact us and ask: "I need to send a deposit for the apartment, the owner asked me to send 30%. What if I pay and I go there, and do not get what I paid for?"

In this case, we always respond: "The owner of  that property is Mr George Kotsuras (for example), he is very reliable and we cooperate successfully for several years. Lot of our visitors has already had vacation at his property and guests were satisfied. We recommend this accommodation and you can feel free to pay a deposit for a reservation."

We recommend your property because we trust that you will always honor the agreement with our visitors and make them continue to trust you and to our website as well.

6. After receiving payment from the guests do not wait: send guest as soon as possible confirmation email that you received the payment, to prevent unnecessary guest`s concern.

7. Do not just sign your response with Kostas or Hristos. Sign it with your full name, because it gives more confidence to potential guests.

8. If you get a lot of inquiries on a daily basis for rates, we recommend to make a typical mail (with prices) which you can copy-paste to guests. That way you will save your time.

9. In Serbia (and surrounding countries) many people do not differ apartment, studio and room. If you tell that you have a room, they must be additionally informed that there is no kitchen in the room.

10. Serbs are people who simply adore Greece, Greek people, Greek sea, Greek food, for decades and longer. Gain their trust and communication will be easy.

I have lot of requests but no bookings (or No replies from guests)

1. First consider whether the prices that you offered to the guests are reasonable.

2. If you often do not get responses from potential customers send them another email asking to inform you whether it fits your offer or not, in case that you can offer booking to another guest.

Due to heavy spam filters unfortunately often happens that mail you send - end up in the junk folder of the recipient and not to be read. Especially if it`s the first email that guest receive from you. To junk folders usually go emails belong to the domain of your website (as or

If you suspect that is the reason why the customer does not respond, make Gmail email and send the answer from it. Gmail mails usually go directly to the inbox of users.

3. Statistics show that a large percentage of our visitors go to propertys owner`s website. Very often there send mail or inquiry. If you have not received inquiries from our website, you've probably got it from yours.
If you use Google Analytics, you can see the exact number of visits from our website.

4. According to our statistics over the last 8 years: every 4 requests is realized one booking. If you had 100 requests, and none realized bookings, the problem is definitely one of the two items above.

5. You can always contact us and send Special or Last Minute offer. We will upload it at your presentation and also at our Facebook page.