FAQ for owners

1. How can I register with GrckaInfo.com?
Fill the form HERE or contact us to mail grckainfo@gmail.com
We will contact you very quickly and send you registering procedure.

2. Which property can I promote on your website?
You can promote with us any sort of bussines: villas, houses, apartments, studios, hotels, rooms, camping, caffe bar, restaurant...

3. I dont have website. What to do?
No need to have your own website. In that case send us to email your property description, facilities list, price list, address, phone/mobile numbers for contact, Google map position and property photos.

4. How many months does one membership last?
Normally 12 months from date of purchase. 

5. If I have last minute or special offer, how can I include it to your website?
Just contact us to mail with offer details and we will upload it very quickly online. Your accommodation will be also presented in the page "Promotions" on our home page in menu bar.

6. How much does it cost to include last or special offer to your website?
Its free of charge of course.

7. How will guests contact me?
Guests will contact you directly from your page on our website, through booking request form.

8. How do I add, delete or manage my photos?
In case that you need to change your photos, just contact us. We will do it for you very quickly.

9. Where and when does the guest pay reservation?
The guest pays reservation deposit usually 30% and pay it directly in agreement with you. The rest of total they pay also to you upon arrival.

10. I need more information. How can I contact you?
Please contact us to email grckainfo@gmail.com