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On the downhill  of mountain Cholomontas, in Stavros, Thessaloniki, is located, since 2006, the three (3) star Arhontiko Liamas Hotel, build from stone and wood in Macedonian, architectural, rhythms.

In Arhontiko Liamas Hotel you will find 15 rooms, 5 mini-suites with fireplace and Jacuzzi and 1 suite, with two rooms, a fireplace… En savoir plus
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Stavros Thessalonikis 57014 Greece
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Envoyer une demande +30 6974463663
Stavros Thessalonikis 57014 Greece

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On the downhill  of mountain Cholomontas, in Stavros, Thessaloniki, is located, since 2006, the three (3) star Arhontiko Liamas Hotel, build from stone and wood in Macedonian, architectural, rhythms.

In Arhontiko Liamas Hotel you will find 15 rooms, 5 mini-suites with fireplace and Jacuzzi and 1 suite, with two rooms, a fireplace and all amenities. All our rooms are fully equipped with TV and air conditioning.

Here, at our hostel facilities, you can relax in the spa, swim in our pools and enjoy your coffee.

Superior Suite

Jewel of the Arxhontiko Liamas Hotel is the Superior Suite, consisting of two rooms 50sqm and designed to provide luxury and comfort to visitors. It has a bedroom with a super-double bed and a furnished living room with fireplace. It is equipped with television, dvd, two bathrooms, one with a large bath with Jacuzzi for two people and one with an upright Jacuzzi column. To the benefits, the Superior Suite offers, you can add a broadband Internet connection, the intercom with the reception, hairdryer, scales, personal hygiene products and facilities and heated towel rail.

The design of the Superior Suite combines the traditional architecture and decoration, offering high flexibility and aesthetics through functional comforts of unique quality. The Superior Suite promises noble care for your individual personal moments, like the first night of marriage. With the complete and perfectly organized Room Service of the Arhontiko Liamas Hotel, which is offered from 7 am until 1 the next morning, there is no need to leave the Superior Suite.


The Arhontiko Liamas Hotel has five (5) suites designed to offer the magic of Superior Suites in smaller space. Spacious bedrooms with super-double bed, furnished living room with fireplace, modern bathroom with Jacuzzi, equipped mini bar, television, air condition and balcony or terrace. To the benefits that our suites offer, you can a add broadband Internet connection, the intercom with the reception, hairdryer, scales, personal hygiene products and facilities and heated towel rail.

The luxurious suites, along with the complete and perfectly organized Room Service of Arhontiko Liamas Hotel, promise to meet all your expectations, combining traditional Macedonian architecture in our region, with the comforts of modern times. Decorated with high aesthetic and discreet luxury, the suites of Archontiko Liamas Hotel, are promising special vacations.


The Arhontiko Liamas Hotel has fifteen (15) traditionally decorated rooms.  Soft earth colours, fine fabrics combined with various decorative objects, create a sense of relaxation and calm that will make your stay truly memorable. All rooms have super-double bed, bathroom and modern technological equipment such as TV, air condition, heated hanger, hair dryer and intercom with the reception. Following the development of internet, we provide to our rooms, as well as in any other place of our facilities, a broadband Internet connection using wireless Wi-Fi.

The aesthetics of our rooms combined with the breathtaking view of Mount Cholomontas guarantee a pleasant stay. The hospitality at the Arhontiko Liamas Hotel is unsurpassed. Whichever room you choose for your stay, be sure you will enjoy each moment of it.


Enjoy the unique flavours of the Arhontiko Liamas Hotel cooking, which was brought by Asia Minor refugees almost 100 years ago, in a calm and relaxing environment. The Arhontiko Liamas Hotel chef with love and art is preparing every day for you pleasant surprises that will satisfy the most demanding palate. All meals and salads prepared with fresh ingredients, excellent quality, derived from local producers. Your choices range from traditional dishes of the Arhontiko Liamas Hotel, such as Mpoumpari, vinous Rooster, Tsigerosarma and result in fresh fish and seafood of Strymonikos gulf.

You can combine your meal with wine from a wide variety of white, red and rosé wines available to our cellar, and delicious greek tsipouro or ouzo. Our place is ideal for receptions and all kinds of social events such as birthdays, nominal celebrations, weddings and christenings. We will be happy to serve you and create you a menu of your choice.

Cafe & Pool Bar

The Arhontiko Liamas Hotel offers the opportunity for all visitors to enjoy their coffee at day time and drinks at night time at our Café Bar. Our Café Bar is a cool place, away from noises and crowded places, where you can read your newspaper and your favourite magazine, or design your business appointments with the relaxing music. Choose your favourite coffee or your favourite drink and watch the flickering flame in the large fireplace that stands imposingly on the corner of the Café Bar. At the Pool Bar of our Hotel, we promise wonderful evenings in the summer months, with a view of the mosaic pool and unrivalled quality of our facilities.

Refreshing coffees and great cocktails, parties, in the moonlight and candles lights, with pleasant music of experienced dj's and the quality of services of our staff is the perfect combination for relaxing days and unforgettable nights at Arhontiko Liamas Hotel.


At the special services that Arhontiko Liamas Hotel offers to our guests are certainly the Spa facilities, a tasteful space, fun and functional, with the objective aimed of revitalizing the body and spirit. This modern Spa offers treatments and relaxation, only to find such at luxurious and high standard facilities. The Jacuzzi, the sauna, the Turkish bath and the gym are all at our visitors disposal. The observance of sanitation rules is really important to us so we so it is within the stricter standards with a daily schedule of maintenance of our facilities.

At Arhontiko Liamas Hotel Spa facilities you will feel the ultimate relaxation after a day care which will rejuvenate physically and spiritually. If you care and love yourself, if you want to be and look healthy, beautiful and full of energy and confidence then join our world.


Relaxation and the enjoyment of unique moments is the main objective of Arhontiko Liamas Hotel management and staff. For this purpose we created at our hotel three (3) different pools, two outdoor and an internal heated house, offering a choice to our guests all year season. In Arhontiko Liamas Hotel, we are particularly concerned about the safety of our young visitors, that’s why we created the children's pool, next to normal, where children can swim without fear. The Pool water and its cleanliness is an obvious obligation for us and we exercise it with special reverence. The pool is maintained responsibly on a daily basis and has crystal-clear water with absolute hygiene. The refreshing outdoor pool, next to the Pool Bar, a children's pool and heated indoor pool are providing the icing on the pleasant stay at Arhontiko Liamas Hotel.


The Arhontiko Liamas Hotel is an ideal choice for the most important event of your life, your wedding, offering a package that can satisfy all your desires. Come to us, to share our experience with you and help you to make all the necessary action for your wedding reception. Together we will choose the elements that suit your taste, such as the decoration, the equipment of the facilites (flower, tables, tents decoration), the type of music (life music or djs set). You have the choice between a number of proposals for the selection of the wedding cake marriage and the wedding reception menu. We shall also use special effects (fireworks, projectors, special lighting, etc.) and excellent sound coverage for your reception. The newly weds can choose, finally, the Superior Suite of Arhontiko Liamas Hotel to spend an unforgettable wedding night.


In order to create a complete package tour, the Arhontiko Liamas Hotel has prepared a series of proposals for actions of their visitors, at a radius of few kilometers from our facilities.

For nature and sports activities lovers, we propose two alternative activities that will satisfy them:

• Browsing the peripatetic paths, more than 10km. length, in the woods of Ano Stavros, and
• Visit the farm «Ippokosmos», at Nea Vrasna, where you will be initiated into the world of horses and domestic animals.

For myths and legends lovers of the Greek ancient history we suggest to visit the following archaeological sites:

• The Castle of Rentina, and Stagira, the birthplace of the philosopher Aristotle.


The Arhontiko Liamas Hotel is located at the village Stavros, on the downhill of mountain Cholomontas, at Rentina municipality in the prefecture of Thessaloniki. Access to Stavros and our hotel is made with great certainty using the complete route of the Egnatia Highway, which reduced the time away from the airport of Thessaloniki “Macedonia” to just 40 minutes. In the foot of Stavros the visitor will find organized sandy beaches, which are awarded annually by the institution of the EU Blue Flags.

Deck chairs, umbrellas and soft drinks and refreshing awaiting for you to enjoy the companionship with the dew of the sea. In the back of the village is the mountain Cholomontas generously offering its cool during the summer season and challenges for the exploration of the winter months. Stavros is an ideal place for carefree and enjoyable holiday all year round and the Arhontiko Liamas Hotel is waiting to enjoy the experience.

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