Как забронировать жилье

Send a bookings request for accommodation from our website - easily and quickly

After you perform a search for accommodation on our website and decide for the desired object, click on the button "Send booking request."

1. Fill in the required fields in the request form.

- If your arrival and departure dates are not fixed, be sure to mention it in the request so owner can offer you other available dates.
- Check well that your email address is filled in correctly. If you enter an incorrect email, the owner will not be able to answer.
- Do not send inquiries with the question "What is the price of the apartment ..." or "How much is 10 days ..." if in the page already exists price list.
- If you have further question about the property, you can place it in the "Notes / additional requirements".


After sending a reservation request

Please be patient even though most accommodation owners quickly respond to any inquiries they receive. But sometimes due to the large volume of their business, response to a query you can get to mail after 3-4 days. Be sure to check the Spam or Junk folder of your email program as often happens that email ends up in spam.

If after 3-4 days you still have not received a response, please submit the request again, or contact us via the contact form on our website in order to get in touch with the owner.

If you need an urgent response and want to immediately get in touch with the owner, use the phone numbers at the presentation page of property.

Reservation deposit

Deposit which principally most accommodation owners ask in advance is usually amounts from 20-50% of the total price. This is standard procedure, which provide security: to owner the deposit is a guarantee that you will arrive at specific date and his accommodation unit will not remain empty, and for you is guarantee that accommodation unit will wait for you under conditions agreed with the owner.

Why to book through our website?

1. Your reservation through our site is completely free and you get official - the best prices from accommodation owners directly
2. We are in contact with all property owners on our website and we are here to help and advise you with booking.
3. Most of the property owners give more favorable price for our visitors
4. Through our web site all the past years, several thousand guests (from Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatian, Bulgaria, Romania, the Czech Republic ...) had found accommodation in Greece